Cox Calls for Return of Tax Relief Legislation
Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) today joined several members of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives at a press conference calling for the advancement of legislation associated with property tax relief for Pennsylvanians.
Several bills and amendments aimed at reducing or eliminating school property taxes were recently brought before the House for a vote. Subsequently, the bills were then, without notice, referred to committee at the direction of the Democratic leader’s office, virtually ending the advancement of such legislation for the foreseeable future without any type of resolution.
“It is urgent that we advance property tax elimination legislation now,” Cox said after the press conference. “We had begun the process of forging toward a school property tax solution. With this latest action, the virtual wheels of an open and transparent government have come to a halt.”
Cox co-sponsored an amendment to House Bill 1600 that would have completely eliminated school property taxes. While this amendment did not pass the House in a recent vote, the possibility remains that this legislation could be amended with hopes of getting it passed.
“Open dialogue on the House floor is vital to how we create the laws that shape our Commonwealth,” Cox added. “The doors have been slammed shut. I am here today with my colleagues to regain admission to the process of open government for all Pennsylvanians.”
The House is scheduled to reconvene this afternoon. No debate on school property tax legislation has been scheduled.
More information on legislation to eliminate school property taxes for all Pennsylvanians can be found on Cox’s Web site at .
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February 6, 2008