Cox Extremely Disappointed Over Defeat of Tax Elimination Plan
Legislation co-sponsored by Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks), designed to completely eliminate school property taxes for all Pennsylvanians, failed to pass the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in a vote taken this afternoon.
The vote was 47-148 for the measure calling for a complete elimination of school property taxes with billions of dollars in revenue replaced by a minimal increase in local income taxes and a broader sales tax.
"This was innovative legislation that would have delivered a comprehensive solution,” Cox said. It is the only approach we've seen that would be meaningful, sustainable and would accomplish what Pennsylvanians have been begging for; the complete elimination of school property taxes."
House Bill 1275, the School Property Tax Elimination Act, calls for school property taxes to be completely phased out over a four year period while subjecting additional services and goods to Pennsylvania’s consumer sales tax, with exemptions for essential items and services such as food, clothing, utilities and medical care.
“We had an opportunity and failed today to cap school spending and offer Pennsylvanians real property tax relief,” Cox added. “Quick fixes, reductions and rebates, such as those found in House Bill 1600, will not solve this crisis. Several plans for property tax relief have been put before the House several times over the past ten years and failed. And now again, we do not give the people of Pennsylvania what they have been demanding. In essence, we have accomplished nothing in the way of true relief to our taxpayers in over a decade.”
Under existing law, some property tax relief can be provided by using revenue from slot machines. However, the amount of relief promised this year to some homeowners has been drastically outpaced by increases in their school property taxes.
Cox remains committed to continuing his fight for the total elimination of property taxes.
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