Cox Disappointed with Charade of Property Tax Legislation
Vows to continue fight for total elimination
Legislation that would shift part of the property tax burden to an income or sales tax is not the tax relief that Pennsylvania citizens demand and deserve, Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) said today.
“Residents in western Berks County and all across the Commonwealth are convinced that the only way to reform property taxes in our state is to eliminate them entirely,” Cox said. “Any other bill to partially shift the burden does not appropriately respond to the needs of property owners in Pennsylvania.”
This week’s debate in the House focused on bills and amendments that only skirt around the edges of property tax reform, rather than addressing it head-on.
Cox specifically pointed to reductions, rebates and reimbursements as only temporary solutions to the property tax problem that has plagued Pennsylvania for more than 30 years.
Instead of piecemeal relief, Cox has advocated his support for House Bill 1275, the School Property Tax Elimination Act. This legislation would entirely replace property taxes with an increased sales tax. The legislation also addresses out-of-control school spending, the main factor driving up school property taxes.
To make up the lost revenue, the state’s 6 percent sales tax would be applied to items currently exempt. That would allow for a broader-based, modernized and sufficient revenue stream. Cox emphasized that food and clothing, as well as utilities would not be taxed under the legislation.
“This proposal is the fairest way to fund our schools as it places the burden on those who can better afford it, instead of those struggling on low or fixed incomes,” he said. “Since this concept was introduced a few years ago, it has gained considerable support among the people who matter the most – Pennsylvania’s taxpayers.”
Cox is committed to continuing his fight for total elimination of property taxes in the coming weeks as the property tax debate continues.
More information on the School Property Tax Elimination Act, including a school property tax calculator, is available at
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