Cox Supports Strike-Free Education Act

Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) reaffirmed his support for the Strike-Free Education Act introduced today by state lawmakers along with parents, teachers and other officials. House Bill 1369 would make it illegal for teachers in the Commonwealth to go on strike.  

“Children living in Pennsylvania have a right to a strike-free education,” Cox said. This legislation, of which I am a co-sponsor, sends a clear message to teachers, parents and students that our number one priority must be to educate our children, uninterrupted.” 

House Bill 1369: 

  • Ensures students, and their families, a strike-free education.
  • Protects teachers by allowing guaranteed mediation; fact-finding; arbitration; a mandatory vote; mandatory negotiating and an open process.           

“Teacher strikes not only cost our students, they can cost parents as well,” said Cox. When teachers go on strike, causing students to miss school days, these days must be made up, usually impacting family vacation plans. Another concern is while striking teachers continue to receive their full salaries, parents may lose money in the form of child care or if they are forced to miss work to care for their children.”  

Since 1970, Pennsylvania school districts, currently numbering 501, have seen more than 960 teacher strikes. The Commonwealth ranks ninth in teacher salaries yet had more teacher strikes (13) last year than all other states combined (7). More than 119,000 students have had their education interrupted by teacher strikes. 

“Several school districts in my legislative district have experienced teacher strikes,” Cox said. We cannot continue down this road of irresponsibility. The time has come to put Pennsylvania’s children first and pass legislation that prohibits the unconstitutional act of teacher strikes.” 

If passed, Pennsylvania would join 37 other states that have some type of legislation prohibiting teachers from going on strike. 

Please contact my office toll-free at 1 (866) 538-2938 or visit my Web site at for more information. 

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