Cox Praises Illegal Immigration Reform Package
With illegal immigration placing a strain on local budgets, threatening the availability of jobs and contributing to the rising tide of crime in Pennsylvania, Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) threw his support behind the “National Security Begins At Home” legislative package unveiled March 21 aimed at stopping the flood of illegal immigrants into the Commonwealth and the social ills that follow.
“Illegal immigration is a burden on the hard-working taxpayers of Pennsylvania,” Cox said. “This legislative package provides tougher penalties for illegal aliens and those who support them.”
Highlights of the illegal immigration reform package include:
The Social Security Basic Pilot Program -Would require ALL employers in the Commonwealth to verify Social Security numbers of prospective employees. Failure to do this would result in the suspension of all business licenses, permits, registrations and certificates.
Criminal History Records - Would allow citizenship or immigration status of those arrested to be included and in the repository of criminal history records.
Employer Licenses - Would revoke the license of any licensed professional who knowingly employs an illegal immigrant.
Protection of Public Benefits - Would prohibit using public money to benefit an illegal immigrant. Funds could only be expended to provide necessary medical care, law enforcement, prosecution, incarceration or related expenses.
“Pennsylvanians are concerned that their tax dollars are supporting illegal immigrants living in their communities. They’re concerned about their safety, about the quality of their schools and the costs of health care. They’re concerned that jobs are being lost to illegal immigrants,” Cox said. “I share their concerns and this legislation is the first step in addressing those concerns for the hard-working families of the Commonwealth.”
More information on the “National Secuirty Begins At Home” legislative package is available on Rep. Cox’s Web site, , along with a petition for citizens who wish to show their support for illegal immigration reform. 
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March 22, 2007