Cox Issues Statement on Governor's Budget Proposal

Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) today issued the following statement regarding the governor’s 2007-2008 budget which proposes to raise taxes by more than $3.25 billion and spend close to $28 billion. 

“The governor’s budget proposal includes several initiatives that are high atop my wish list as well,” Cox said, however, he seems to have no comprehension as to what these plans may actually cost.  

“This budget proposal addresses some important issues facing Pennsylvanians. We must strive to find sustainable solutions while keeping in mind the associated costs. Unfortunately, the money to fund these initiatives won’t just magically appear.  

“Pennsylvanians have grown weary of  the governor borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. It is imperative that we chart a course of fiscal responsibility.”            

The budget unveiled by Gov. Ed Rendell during a joint session of the General Assembly Wednesday includes: 

  • A spending increase of at least $1 billion over the 2006-07 spending plan.
  • Seven new or increased fees and taxes on energy, health care, and real estate transactions, as well as a 1 percentage point boost in the state sales tax. 

The House Appropriations Committee will review the governor’s proposals during its upcoming series of budget hearings. The budget hearings are scheduled to be held between Feb. 14 and March 8.  

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