Cox Delivers Testimony to Commission on Legislative Reform
Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) Tuesday delivered testimony to the bipartisan Speaker’s Commission on Legislative Reform outlining his recommendations to create a more transparent government in Pennsylvania.
“I believe there is a need for serious legislative and political reform,” Cox said. “Past actions by the Legislature have left the chamber without the confidence of many citizens. It is our responsibility to help restore that confidence.”
Cox’s testimony focused heavily on term limits, including those for committee chairmen, recommending that they serve for no more than three consecutive terms on the same committee. 
Cox also recommended that all elected leadership positions, including the Speaker and majority and minority leaders, serve for no more than three consecutive terms in the same leadership position. 
“These limitations would allow for some level of continuity within both the committee and leadership structures, yet also encourage members to garner a more diverse knowledge of the various areas of public policy and the leadership roles in which they serve,” Cox said.
Citing a need for more balance in the House, Cox also recommended measures to diversify the makeup of the Committee on Rules to draw from the vast pool of experience and knowledge that our members bring with them to the House.
“I believe that we, as elected officials, are responsible to serve the people, not to be served,” Cox said. “We are accountable not just to the voters, but to the generations who will follow, as well as those who have served before us.”
Cox’s complete testimony may be downloaded from his Legislative Reform page on his Web site: .
The commission is composed of 12 House Republicans and 12 House Democrats.  The commission’s recommendations must be presented to the House by mid-February.  
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February 1, 2007