Argall, Rohrer and Cox Call on Berks County Residents to Submit Government Reforms Ideas

As three of 12 Republican House members appointed to the bipartisan Speaker’s Commission on Government Reform, Berks County Representatives Dave Argall, Sam Rohrer and Jim Cox are encouraging citizens in their respective legislative districts to provide them with suggestions on how to change the way state government conducts the people’s business. 

“In the end, the government belongs to the people,” Argall said.  “We want to bring the people into the process of changing the way their state government operates.  It’s time for true bipartisan reform, because good government is an issue than transcends traditional political boundaries.” 

The primary purpose of the Speaker’s Commission on Government Reform is to create a more transparent government for Pennsylvanians.  Some proposed reforms include: limiting the hours of legislative session to be between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. and providing “real time” roll calls in which vote counts be publicly available within 60 minutes after a vote.  

“Reform is the word in government today,” said Rohrer.  “It continues to be highlighted by the media, shouted by legislators and demanded by the people. But reform comes in many shapes and sizes, so we want to know what real reform means to Berks County residents.   In other words, what should true reform look like, what would you like to see restored to your state government, and how can we go about making state government processes more open to the citizens we serve?   These are the types of questions that members of the Commission are committed to addressing.  The more input we receive at this time, the better the ultimate conclusion.”  

Any Berks County residents who wish to submit reform ideas to the Commission should e-mail their suggestions to their respective legislators at or

“The future of Pennsylvania depends on doing away with the old way of doing business in the state House and the ability of the lawmakers to develop policies that will bring about real change,” Cox said. “We must create and sustain a government that is more effective, more efficient, more responsive, and more accountable. Input from those that we serve plays an integral part in this process.”   

The commission’s next public meetings are set for 9 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 30 and Wednesday, Jan. 31 at the state Capitol where House members will discuss proposals to change the House rules.    

Additional information on the Speaker’s Commission on Government Reform is available online at, and

Rep. Dave Argall
124th District
Rep. Samuel Rohrer
128th District
Rep. Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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