State House Rejects Property Tax Independence Act Offered by Cox
HARRISBURG – The state House today voted down an amendment offered by Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) that would have tacked on the provisions of the Property Tax Independence Act to another bill that was before the chamber.

While Cox was disappointed by the vote, he was not surprised and said it actually will be helpful moving forward.

“Now we have a clear tally of who supports the Property Tax Independence Act,” Cox said.

Cox introduced the Property Tax Independence Act (House Bill 76) in March.  The legislation would completely replace school district property taxes through the use of statewide funding sources.

The plan would raise the state sales tax by one penny (from six cents to seven cents), expand the sales tax by closing special-interest driven loopholes, and increase the state personal income tax by a little more than a penny (1.27 percentage points).

Since it was introduced, the bill has been tied up in the House Finance Committee.

Due to the legislative logjam, Cox attempted to amend the language of his bill onto another piece of legislation – House Bill 1189 – that was being considered today by the House.

Cox’s amendment was rejected by the House.

“I’m not surprised considering the forces we were up against,” Cox said.  “We have a lot of homeowners on our side, but big labor groups and big business groups coalesced in opposition to the legislation.”

Cox said the House’s rejection of the amendment does not spell the end of the Property Tax Independence Act.

“We still have House Bill 76 in the House Finance Committee and Senate Bill 76 in the Senate Finance Committee,” Cox said.  “Today was a tactical setback, but the overall goal remains the same.  We have more work to do, but we are still moving forward.”

Representative Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact:  Daniel Massing /
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