House Approves Cox’s Bill Extending Do-Not-Call List Registration
HARRISBURG – Pennsylvanians who want to avoid the inconvenience of telemarketing calls would benefit from a bill introduced by Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) that was approved today by the state House in Harrisburg.

“This is about empowering Pennsylvanians to clearly indicate to telemarketers that they wish to be left alone,” Cox said.

Under current state law, residents may sign up to participate in the do-not-call registry for a period of five years.  Residents who wish to remain on the do-not-call list must re-register every five years or their phone numbers will be removed from the database.

Cox’s bill would make a person’s registration on the do-not-call list permanent.  The only way a phone number would be removed from the registry would be if the person who uses the number requests to be removed or if the phone number is assigned to a different person.

Cox’s bill also would prohibit telemarketing companies from calling residents on legal holidays.

“Once you opt-in to the list, you should stay on the do-not-call list until you change your mind,” Cox said.  “Right now, people have to renew their participation on a regular basis.  My bill would make their participation continual until they decide otherwise.”

Cox’s legislation – House Bill 129 – now heads to the state Senate for consideration.

Representative Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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