Cox Votes Against Budget Bill Approved by House

– State Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks/Lancaster) today voted against a state budget bill that was approved by the House, saying the plan is spending money faster than Pennsylvania taxpayers can earn it.

“This budget is a recipe for a future tax increase,” Cox said. “State government cannot continue to grow faster than Pennsylvanian’s paychecks.”

The $31.5 billion state spending plan represents a nearly $1.5 billion – or nearly 5 percent – increase above the current state budget.

“I know many people in the private sector who are not receiving 5 percent increases in their paychecks this year,” Cox said.

Cox said he would have liked to see a state budget proposal that was more reflective of the economic situation facing many working Pennsylvanians and businesses.

“I’m not convinced that each and every dollar in the $31.5 billion spending plan is necessary,” Cox said. “I believe there is still room to trim some fat in the state budget.”

The bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration. The new state budget is due by July 1.

Representative Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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