Tax 'Reform' Legislation Will Cost Pennsylvanians $1 Billion, Cox Says
Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks) issued the following statement regarding the passage of House Bill 1531, Pennsylvania’s 2009-10 tax reform code bill:
“It is disheartening to me that House Bill 1531 is referred to as a tax ‘reform’ code bill. The word ‘reform’ means that something will be improved. What was passed today was no improvement to the Commonwealth’s antiquated and unfair system of taxation. This legislation will cost Pennsylvania’s hard-working citizens an additional $1 billion in taxes. The ever-growing list of taxes included in this bill will certainly extend what has already been a rough economic recession. I can assure you that I did not vote for this bill.
“This bill may not contain any so-called broad-based or personal income tax increases, but make no mistake; this bill will negatively impact families, employers, teachers, students, and many, many others in the Commonwealth.
“In a year when there has been so much emphasis placed on increasing education funding, I am shocked by the 33 percent cut to the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC allows businesses to claim tax credits for contributing to educational programs and institutions. This will likely be devastating to Pennsylvania’s pre-K programs, non-public schools and many other important programs.
“What disappoints me the most is that we, as House Republicans, have proposed a budget plan that calls for NO tax increases, but this plan has been continually ignored by House Democrats and the governor. Pennsylvanians have spoken: No new taxes. Period. When will our out-of-touch governor begin to understand this?
 “Pennsylvania’s fiscal budget is almost 100 days late, and I will continue to fight to pass a fiscally responsible budget as quickly as possible. I will not, however, support legislation that calls for new and increased taxes on our employers and families. Pennsylvanians do not deserve to be punished to satisfy the ongoing appetite for over-spending by the current administration.”
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