Cox Warns Students, Parents:  Similar-Sounding Web sites Can Confuse Applicants for Federal Student Aid

Representative Jim Cox (R-Berks) is warning college students and parents to be careful when surfing the Internet looking for a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).   The lawmaker warns that one wrong click could lead them to a page that offers help with the FAFSA, but at a price. 

“I know how tight money can be for college students,” Cox said.  “I’d hate to see a college student or their parents pay for a form or service that is free.” 

Cox said the confusion stems from a Web site set up by a fee-based company, Student Financial Aid Services Inc.  The company’s Web site – – offers help and advice to visitors who want to submit a FAFSA form.  However, the company charges a fee for some of its services. 

The official Web site for FAFSA is  The similarity of the Web site addresses leads some students and parents to confuse the two. 

“Parents or students who simply search for ‘FAFSA’ online are likely to see both Web sites come up on the search results,” Cox said.  “If you’re not paying attention, you may click on the wrong link.  If they don’t know any better, it could wind up costing parents and students some money that they otherwise could have put toward college expenses.” 

To help local students and parents, Cox has added a link to his legislative Web site – – where residents can access the official FAFSA Web site.  To do so, residents should visit Cox’s site and click on the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)” link on the left-hand side. 

“All parents and students have to do is visit my site at to ensure they’re headed in the right direction for student financial aid,” Cox said. 

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