Cox Votes Against Bloated State Budget

Representative Jim Cox (R-Berks) today voted against a state budget bill that will spend more than $28 billion, including $2.75 billion in federal stimulus funding.  Approximately $850 million of the $2.75 billion in federal funding has not yet been approved by Congress.


After the vote, Cox issued the following statement:


“The only good thing about this budget is that it is the last one during the reign of Governor Ed Rendell.  It is nearly impossible to adopt a responsible state spending plan when the man in the governor’s mansion is intent on spending beyond the means of Pennsylvania taxpayers.


“This budget literally relies on money the state does not have.  You cannot balance a state budget based on an I.O.U. from Congress.


“Even if Congress comes through with the money, that provides no comfort to Pennsylvania taxpayers.  Instead of paying higher state taxes, they’ll have to pay off the federal debt.  It’s simply taking money out of taxpayers’ left pockets instead of their right pockets.


“While the governor has argued that state government has been cut to the bone, his administration has refused to implement millions of dollars in welfare reforms.  While taxpayers are losing their pay, their employer-provided health care and even their jobs, the governor continues to hand out their tax dollars to welfare cheats.


“The only hope for taxpayers is that the next governor will restore some semblance of fiscal restraint in the executive branch of state government.”


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