Sep. 23, 2020

HARRISBURG – After voting today in Harrisburg to override the governor’s recent veto of legislation that would empower local school districts to establish health and safety standards for sports and other extracurricular activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, but watching that effort fall short of the two-thirds majority needed to override a veto, state Rep. Jim Cox (R-Berks/Lancaster) issued the following statement:

“I’m disappointed this effort to empower local officials to make decisions about high school sports and other extracurricular activities fell short. The governor is forcing a one-size-fits-all policy on school districts across Pennsylvania. I’m especially disappointed with my colleagues who supported this bill when it originally was approved by the House, but failed to support it today. I wish they would have joined us in standing up for student athletes and their families instead of siding with the governor. This is an issue where the interest of our students and their families should be more important than loyalty to a political party.”

Representative Jim Cox
129th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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